Breaking the Silence Event

Breaking the Silence Event

Guest Speakers: Dr. Gail Wyatt and
Ms. Cookie Johnson


Saturday, October 13, 2012
9:00am – 3:30pm
King/Drew Magnet High School
1601 East 120th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90059

Sex Toys For Realizing New Desires

Sex Toys Online

Human sexuality and notions of gender, gender roles, and partnerships are changing rapidly. With the new horizons many people are discovering about their own sexual desires and preferences, adult toys are changing and upgrading to meet their erotic demands.

Though the basic nature of sexuality is not changing, the ways in which people are exploring it are. In general, adult toys are still separated into two major categories. They are toys for men, and toys for women. Modern sexuality however, is quickly blurring that chasm. More and more people are finding that having fun and increasing sexual awareness with toys for adults is less a matter of gender, and more a matter of imagination.

As the average individual becomes more aware and open to the mental, psychological, physical, and relational possibilities accompanying full sexual freedom, adult toys are seen more as highly regarded possessions. Men are finding that toys with anatomic shapes traditionally geared toward the female body and sensibilities, can be of tremendous use in achieving satisfaction. Women are exploring adult toys like fetish, bondage, and role play items that were once almost exclusively marketed and designed for men.

The increase in same sex, multi-partner, and polyamorous relationships is also inspiring a new wave of adult toys. Unisex, tandem, and gender-flexible toys are becoming extremely popular. Every new sexual act and desire that an individual, or a couple discovers can be facilitated and amplified with certain adult toys. From the simplest vibrating egg, to the most complex dungeon setup complete with costumes and items for large groups, the world of sex toys JOU JOU can now increase the excitement of uncovering novel ways of seeking pleasure. Satisfied curiosities and bodies are undeniably happier and healthier, and adult toys can satisfy almost anyone.